Happy Feet!

By: Dayle Pereira

Recently, I was asked this question, ‘Who was your first love?’ Without a moment’s hesitation, I replied, ‘Shoes’. This was the complete truth. The earliest childhood memory I can recall is that of a 6-year-old (me, of course) strutting around the house in my mother’s electric blue stilettos. And since then, I’ve been madly in love with them.
Great shoes are the perfect accessories for absolutely any outfit. With a pair of vibrant pumps, you can brighten any outfit. Choose shoes in a demure colours like black or grey and you lean more towards the formal zone. Tan and beige are preferred colours when you’re going for brunch or a movie.
Just like colours, certain patterns and inches of your heels define the occasion. Heels mean formals, flats mean casuals, and something in between like wedges and platforms are ‘in-betweeners’. They are meant for occasions where you can’t afford to look too overdressed or too casual.
Who knew that picking a pair of shoes could be so complex! Truth is, it doesn’t have to be. If you want to wear a pair of flat moccasins to work and strappy heels to the coffee shop, go ahead. Don’t let societal diktats affect your comfort and individual style. The most important thing to keep in mind when going shopping is comfort.
A few months ago, I set out to find the perfect pair of black heels. After a few disappointing trials, I walked into yet another store. And there they were. The patent leather peep-toes gleamed under the store lights. The pencil heels gently rested on the shoe rack. And the tiny little bow on the front side luring me. At that moment, I fell deeply in love with (as it happens with all my other pairs). Instantaneously, my card was swiped and my newest babies were in my hand. However, this perfect fairytale took a turn for the worse once I reached home.
When it came down to wearing the shoes for a long time, I was upset. The toe pinched me, the heel was shaky and turns out, I could barely walk in them. There I was, wearing the most divine pair of shoes and all I wanted to do was to get rid of them. This taught me a very valuable lesson: No matter how amazing the shoes look, take them for a spin (a leisurely one) and check if they feel as good as they look. If they do fit, the two of you were meant to be. But if they don’t live up to your expectations, put them back gracefully.
Every girl will one day meet her perfect match. You’ve just got to try on a few more pairs. Of course it hurts. I’ve been there. I still wear sky-high heels but make sure that I’m extremely comfortable before picking them.
I learned it in the most painful way possible. So take a cue from me and keep that in mind the next time you go shopping. Once you are comfortable in what you wear, you will automatically exude confidence. And trust me, it will show.

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