Can’t Get Enough Of Red!

By: Roshni Raj

For the love of red, we have decided to dedicate an entire piece to list out the red elements that you need to HAVE in your wardrobe, make up box, shoe racks and life! Immaculately tailored quantities of joy is what we are aiming at and absolutely delighted to find glamour, fashion, style, chic, change and expression.

We start with the trending uber sleek and smart peplum love. Peplum skirts have become too boring for us, so we did a little bit of hunting and choosing to find impeccably smart peplum dress. Seamlessly attractive and leaching up massive amounts of attention, we groove the curvy moves into this dress. The effortlessness of this is what wins major brownie points from us!

Red Peplum Dress

It’s that time of the week again where the splitting urge to splurge erupts within a split second of glancing at something. Valentino-tino-ta-ta-ta-tinooo! Needlessly to say hoe chic and immensely out of the crowd these sunglasses look, we are totally eyeing it. Unhurriedly creeping its way on top of our ‘must buy list’, the colour and the shine is way too tempting to even think about letting them go.

Valentino Glasses

All you sexy men out there who are totally game for change, show us ladies the art of sporting this style with ease and charm of flawlessness. Who says it’s only the Armani Suit or a Dior watch that can work its way through the crowd into a woman’s heart? We are perfectly ready to wait for our ‘oh la la’ moment. Are you?

Also, we had our very cutesy moment when we saw a pair of these. The utter simplicity and smartness leashing out from this one is our play way. A total scan of the wardrobe in our minds, we find the right oxford shoes to go with these, a cozy slit shoulder top and accessories.

Anyone game for some chilling sessions?

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