On Time!

By: Roshni Raj

Mumbai just had its very own Bond-esque tick tock moment with the opening of a flagship store of a Florence-based watchmaker company Officine Paneria. Suddenly, the city seems to be the hub for opulence and this is adding to its directory. Best known for the Luminor and Radiomir watches covered by the Miltiary Secrets Act, they have started releasing them as a fashion statement to the non-military folks.

Chetan Mehta, Angelo Bonati CEO Officine Panerai, Devyanshi Mehta and Anoop Mehta

Hosted by Devaunshi and Anoop Mehta, the upper east side of Bombay turned up in their best forms and on time (obviously) to celebrate this store opening. The value and name seems to have pulled a lot more attention and collectors than India had probably expected, but hey, they’re not complaining at all.

Located in the heritage wing of Mumbai’s exquisite Taj Mahal Hotel, the opening witnessed big names in big tags flashing those precious smiles. And with thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and many more fab nights just around the corner, they just opened up to the array of gifts to choose from.

Men seem exceedingly ecstatic about it, while women couldn’t be more relieved. Isn’t this a happy festive season already?