This Party Season Embrace Lace With A Twist

By: Payal Hindocha

Samantha Kochhar

Lace may have invaded your wardrobes for the past few seasons. It is now raring to emerge on your face as well. Facial lace work has been making an appearance frequently on the ramps of New York, London, Milan and Paris. We get make up expert Samantha Kochhar, MD of Blossom Kochhar Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd, to tell us more about the trend and how to get the season’s trendiest party look in a matter of minutes. Samantha Kochhar, “Come December, the whole world is geared up for the party season. With Christmas and New Year bashes calling everywhere, girls are always on the look out for ways to outshine the crowd. Gone are the days when the LBD or red/metallic shoes were the protocol — the latest fad is Face Lace!

Easy, chic, affordable and with loads of quirk, this party season, the beauty gurus swear by Face Lace. “The ready-to-wear make up designs are an answer to every girl’s last minute make-up agony. You can create various looks ranging from simple designs over the eyes or forehead to the more elaborate, daring and intricate ones that run across the forehead, eyes and cheeks as a masquerade-mask onto the face. You can also have face lace on one side of your face, running from one side of your forehead down towards the end of your cheekbones covering one full or half eye. Apart from lace put on the face, one can also experiment with lace eyelashes that look very different from the normal designs and are sensuous too. These eyelashes can also be made at home with paper or handmade lace”, says Samantha.

Face Lace

Especially a blessing for the women who complain they can never master the art of make-up, face lace is an instant image turn-around without the professional time and expense. An easy way to create a face lace make-up look at home, is to outline with a nude lip pencil as a mask over your eyes followed by a black eye liner pen or face paint/gel eyeliner. You can create your own pattern or take inspiration from a huge variety of designs available on the Internet. Just make sure that the paint or gel over the eyelids dries up completely before you open your eyes.

Face Lace

One can also use readymade face lace stickers available in a wide variety in the market to get the perfectly laced mask look. Made of thin vinyl with hypoallergenic adhesive backing, users simply have to peel off their desired designs and stick them onto their faces. There are no particular side effects of face lace make-up, if done with eyeliners, pens and gels and removed completely before going to bed, but sticker face laces can sometimes irritate the person’s skin if one is allergic to the glue on them.

Face Lace

For a safe and sure option, black in general, is the colour for face lace make-up but one can always experiment with metallic slate grey, bronze and white to add more fun to the whole look! An amazingly unique make-up solution that can be applied in under a minute and is usually re-usable is the absolute gothic yet classy look.

So girls, what are you waiting for? Embrace the lace and make heads turn for good.

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