Variety For Sizes

By: Roshni Raj

That moment of laziness when your eyes refused to co-ordinate with the colours and textures in your wardrobe; but still manage to astound yourself for pulling out the chic look. The sun seems to be generous today on the Mumbaikars so we introduce the ‘variety for sizes’.

We have three impeccable and distinguished fashions from the evolving trends that you would love to try. Attention and colourfulness guaranteed with these full length tribal print filled jumpsuits. Showing off the bare neck, these jumpsuits are a pleasure to accessorise. Lady Long Legs, THIS is your piece of freedom in chic.

Printed Jumpsuit

Bum –Bum moments roll. For all those with ample bottoms and not so comfortable with flaunting it, make the trapeze dresses your best friend forever. Use this style to highlight your jutting out collar bones with plunging necklines or the smooth toned shoulders with a halter. Covering up for those thunder thighs, this mode will keep you comfortable and stylish. Victoria Beckham sure knows her way through sizes above zero too. Where’s the party tonight?

Victoria Beckham Trapeze Dress

Belt those slim waists. They are your best buds in need. Highlight the slim Victoria Beckham kind of waistline is what these belts do. Those with the size zero figures; the thin figure belt is your perfect match. We love this zipper one in shades of black and white by Karen Millen.

Karen Millen Black And White Thin Waist Zipper Dress
Casual Thin Waist Dress