New Year Party Tips!

By: Roshni Raj

Two days to go for the much awaited and overwhelmed (sometimes overrated too) New Years Eve and we are excited about what to wear. Its been a fashionable season and we experience the joys of picking the most fab outfits with the perfectly matching shoes, bags and accessories. Here are our favourites that you should totally absorb for the night.

Keeping in mind the latest fashion trends, we found our pretty bling in peplum. Love the shade of neutral and the bling lightening up the style this one shoulder dress is an absolute marvel. Girls, you really need to get over the lace and black. There isn’t a more boring style left that has been excessively worn and torn over and over again.

Bling Peplum

For the boys who like to keep it subtle and smart, we would definitely call this a ‘handsome’ one. Sexy jackets are the easiest way to make your impressive move this party season and save you from the chills of winter too. Also, we found Nike’s colours off the market this time and couldn’t resist sharing it with you. What do you think of these?

Men’s Jacket
Nike Shoes


Skipping back to the lady loves, this is an absolute stunner. And this is what we call party shoes. The colour, the makeshift height and the blended yet rare style, this one left us awestruck for a few hours.

Red Shoes

For those keeping it low with dark and plain shades and styles, this sling bag brings joy and colour to you. Rev up the boring black or blue with this and leave the rest to envy.


Like? Love? Both?

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  1. MyDailyCityLife
    CL says:

    Thanks for following my blog! I’ve been looking for a pair of shoes like the red ones, only in black. I love the deep cut in the front of the shoe.

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