Winter Is Creeping

By: Roshni Raj

Winter is the most uninspiring season of all; those exerting efforts of going to the gym habitually to maintain the beach bod, only to be comfortable and wrapped in seven layers of clothing in winters. We are desperate for the summer sun, some sand on the beach with a nice beer will also do. But until then, Bombay is hinting at temperature dropping lower than usual and we’re striving to get used to it. And keeping it stylish for the days to come is our top priority.

Sweaters and cardigans have been worn and torn, and we are  exhausted by that fashion. Looking for something more than plain black cardigans to help us feel mildly alive in the biting cold. FMW brings to you the winter basic styles for 2013.

Cute pullovers are our favourite this season. There is nothing better than feeling comfortable and looking adorable. Even you are nodding your head in approval, aren’t you? We love the pink one with the heart, but the collar and polkas are equally appealing. What do you prefer?

Pullover Heart

Bow Pullovers

Uggs. No. Somehow we cannot seem to agree to the existence of Uggs and need to see more than just high, mid, knee length boots. Everybody has the same things in different shades, and it is not working. We found our winner and here it is! The love for loafers and its prints and colours doesn’t seem to die but imagine these! Comfort, shade, and the fur; WE’RE SOLD.


Scarves, mufflers and warmer caps are the only plausible accessories that will help you with the shivers and the assortment of variety and choices for each of these has baffled us way more than our capabilities to choose just one. So you pick?

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  1. I totally agree on winter boredom in every way, including style. I also hate the hideous “uggs” and all fluffy things all-together, ear-warmers excluded. About the pullovers, I’d go for the polka-dot collar. What a fabulous idea! Have a happy and smiling New Year and let’s long for summer together :)))