Who Wore It Better?

By: Roshni Raj

They take oodles of effort to look their best all the time. Our stars have their bad days too and the worst when the other wears it better than you do. We derived our version of ‘who wore it better?’ after drifting through endless photographs. We scouted for the biggest designer labels worn by the biggest names from Bollywood and Hollywood. Oh the gorgeous faces, the sleek and slender bodies and admirable attitude, we managed to arrest all these here.

With the season of peplum slowly fading away, we spotted our Indian newbie diva, Diana Penty elegantly carrying this off. With the dark shade and the shimmer in it, we think she looks absolutely stunning. But you wouldn’t want to miss the Hollywood babe Emma Stone. As beautiful as ever and the heart wrenching smile, she crossed spectacular boundaries winning hearts and this dress is a total winner. Oh yes! We also love the black shoe.

Diana Penty VS Emma Stone

Diana Penty vs Emma Stone

We cannot imagine them ‘not being able to’ carry off something with such marvelously trim and willowy bodies. Man suits with them sexy bods, we love the styles and persona. Pink or red? As stunning as it can get, red is a beauty of a colour, but don’t we love Freida for pairing the dashing pink with the plain black pumps? Blake would’ve bagged it if it wasn’t for the gazillion straps running across her feet. Just missed.

Freida vs Blake

Freida vs Blake

The bold and the beautiful left us in a dilemma. A mommy and a babe, these two absolutely drop dead gorgeous ladies have carried this with the ease and attitude every girl wished to have. We are being a little biased here by giving Malaika brownie points for the dusky skin tone; but Paris, you blew our minds away with the perfect accessories. Not too experimental, but inspiring enough, don’t you think?

Malaika Vs Paris

Malaika vs Paris

She always makes the headlines for her impeccable taste in fashion. The other one remains slightly mellow for her recent terrorizing bangs. But here they are at a throat cut competition for the most ravishing dress up. The stunner of a gown, Sonam is a total princess basking in the glory of her fairytale; while Katy almost makes it through until we noticed the colour in the hair. What shade is that anyway? What we do admire and have a bonus for Katy is for the monotone shoes. The sun just shined brighter for you.

Sonam Kapoor vs Katy Perry

Sonam Kapoor vs Katy Perry

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  1. Why the comparison was between wheatish and white women… and as you can see the wheatish women has scored well… so its kinda confusing….