Win A Year Long Subscription To Style

By: Team FMW

Watching ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, we ponder upon the countless memories of mesmerizing magazine gloss and the beauty of a worthy read. The art of putting across a chaotic month inside the office in 150 pages of sheer flawlessness, we delved over the 2012 issues and the wonders that the experts put together.

“It comes to me, that fashion is more than just about fancy purses”, Andrea from DWP said; and a little confession here, we were sold way before she could justify it. While we’re always working on making this living strata a more fashionable one with the latest trends, fashion and beauty secrets, we also found a little chance for you to explore.

With the entire fashion universe at your door step and just a click away on your computer screen, we decided to revive the love for reading it out, through the shiny papers for you. Win an exclusive chance to indulge in the depths and beauty of your favourite magazine with just one answer. Tell us which magazine cover dropped your jaws, ripped your heart and left you speechless, and why, to win the chance of a yearlong subscription to that magazine!

While we struggled in the predicament of choosing just one, 2012 and the range of fashion magazines in India today has baffled us with its diversity. And not surprising at all… we did find our top ten. Tweet us the picture of your favourite cover and why, in or less than 140 characters to stand a chance to avail this exciting offer.

2013 has much more than you expected, so hurry up!

To tweet, use #FavMagCover @FMWDotCom and *your reason*; the best answer and hottest cover wins a one year subscription of their favourite magazine! Stay tuned on twitter as we post our favourite 10 in the next two days!

*offer valid only till Friday 11 a.m


The Devil Wears Prada’ is getting a sequel!