What Not To Have!

By: Roshni Raj

There are times we refuse to throw things out of our wardrobes. Nostalgia, unwillingness or probably pure lazy bums which refuse to do some work; we all have those ‘certain’ pieces that we desperately need to get rid of and there are also times when you think it’s a pretty awesome and happening look when in reality it only makes you look three times your size or maybe just not your thing to sport this style. So we’re helping our buddy boys to filter their wardrobe. Three things that you NEED to replace!

Beige corduroys. We are so over and done with them that it is impossible to fathom the feeling of ‘oh not again’ that these pants initiate. Coloured pants are totally in and doesn’t look like any other colour is causing such a massive trauma as these overtly done and killed beige corduroys. Okay?

Beige Corduroys

Aviators. We’re not asking you to throw those visibly expensive aviators that tore your pockets while you bought them; but it is best suited for you and those around you that these stay deep inside your closet for a while. There are innumerable styles, shades, prints and multi coloured ones out there looking for the sexiest faces to be sported on and you should absolutely seize the opportunity.


Hair gels. Sticky and gooey is so 90’s. We’re moving on to the sleek and sexy styles of natural spikes or the ‘let it be’ over the ‘wanna-be spikes’. Obviously this is not working in anyone’s favour and what we are suggesting is an investment for a perfect haircut from someone who understands the geography and texture of your hair. Use the expert it’s sure to pay off!