Fringe Benefits

By:Roshni Raj

We’re ending this fabulous week with the most exquisite and beautiful collection of bags for the love of tassels. We globe trotted through the uncountable styles and dropped in our favourite three just for you.

Drawstring Tassel

Drawstring tassel! We are lovestruck by the gorgeous colour and shape of this adorable thing. The size fits our needs perfectly and the tassels add that little bit of bo-ho taste, happiness and class. It is an absolute joy to own something that looks this overwhelming.

Bone and Tassel


We’ve seen so many blacks and browns, but this one? Flabbergasting by design, it is also the ‘bona and tassel’ bag. Stitched to perfection, it steals the show with the bundles of tassels, gorgeous colour and the bone touching up the metal side to this one. Totally worth the money and works with half our wardrobe too.

Karen Millen

It is seldom that we see zebra styles polishing off as the classy kind, but Karen Millen shows us how it’s done with this one. Made to rock the fashion industry, the colour play is brilliant and so are the tiny just-enough tassels in the front. Zebra prints are a rare find for such a marvellous piece and we’re definitely not letting go of this one. What do you think?