Organic Food Option

By: Team FMW

Organic food is the newest, freshest and most popular trends in the food industry. One such venture that caught our eye is Millets of Mewar based in Udaipur which is the brainchild of Sunny, Manoj and Anoop. For a while, the three had been thinking of ways to create a new style of cooking using millets – the poor man’s grains.

Millets of Mewar

Set in the rustic city of Udaipur, Millets of Mewar is entirely based on sustainability as a concept. From using recycled materials in their space to developing a healthy menu, each part of the process was well thought of and researched. Anoop tells us why the concept is so unique, “Ours is different from other places in a variety of aspects like a consciously developed library with a variety of books. We allow our guests to work as volunteers in the kitchen. We also hold cooking classes and share our recipes from time to time. But the biggest differentiator for us is the food. Our 120 recipes are a mix of our own innovation but we’ve also given a healthy and fresh twist to the existing ones using millets such as Amaranth, Ragi, Sama, Hamo, and flaxseeds. Besides, most of our ingredients are sourced locally to reduce transportation and are cooked in oils like peanut or sesame at lower temperatures to not make it dead or toxic due to over cooking.”

Fresh coconut sweet ball with organic jeggery
Lemon & Pomegranate Rice
Multigrain Vegan Cookies
Spinach-Beetroot & cashew paste salad, Sprouted Beans & Tamarind salad, and Carrot-Beetroot & Resins salad

They offer a range of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks, sweets, and beverages to energize you and brighten your day. “We specialise in traditional and re-imagined Indian fare as well as soups and salads, Thai curries. We are famous for our chapatti pizzas and a wide variety of vegan, raw and gluten-free options.”

If you’re in the city of lakes and up for a healthy adventure, this setup is sure to tingle your taste buds and leave you wanting for much more.