Moving into a corporate environment doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to have a complete overhaul. You can cleverly incorporate your own personal touches into your 9 to 5 style, all you need is a few key pieces that will give you a professional edge.

A good quality suit jacket with a pant and skirt option sets a great foundation for you to build on. A black suit and a grey suit with a classic cut will get you off to a good start.

Corporate Style

Within the Budget:  Look for tailored suits that won’t break the bank.

Don’t go for sky-scraping heels, opt instead for a mid height heel (Nine West and MIDAS have a wide selection), and invest in some Dr Scholls ‘Party Feet’ inserts to take the pressure off while you get used to being in heels all day.

A leather handbag will give your ensemble a polished look, you can afford to let your style shine through with your handbag, so look for interesting details like button and pockets or even a vivid colour like red or plum, try Oroton for classic styles with up-to-the-minute touches.

Soften your look with satin and chiffon blouses or camisoles under your suiting. This is where you can be a little more trend-driven with your choices, pick up styles in this winters hottest colours, bright purples, strong red and ultramarine blue.

Jewellery also gives your look an edge, add bangles, a necklace or pin a chic brooch to your lapel.

In winter, add a colourful or chunky knit scarf to your suit, and some stylish leather boots to cope with the cooler weather. In summer you can swap your suit jacket for a cardigan, and your boots for some peep-toe heels. You can add and subtract these to your basic suits for all year-round style.

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  1. Very true, corporate fashion doesn’t have to exceed one’s budget, and there is definitely room for creativity and personal touches nonetheless!

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