A Whiff Of Fresh Air Amidst The Scorching Heat!

While the subcontinent is blazing up in the heat, the capital experienced a whiff of fresh air, amidst the scorching afternoon at the Swiss Embassy, New Delhi, through Charu Parashar’s innovative and eccentric spa line for the The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

L-R Madame Françoise Gardies , Charu Parashar , HE The Swiss Ambassador  Linus Von Castelmur

L-R Madame Françoise Gardies , Charu Parashar , The Swiss Ambassador Linus Von Castelmur

The occasion was the unveiling of spa wear collection by designer Charu Parashar, for The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, done by the Swiss Ambassador, His Excellency Linus Von Castelmur. Presenting her spa line, inspired by the shades of thermal water at the Bad Ragaz, the designer told us, a casual lunch with the people at the Bad Ragaz, brought about this whole collaboration, albeit it was something that had wanted to do since long.

The well known couturier, who has had a complete jampacked season, also showcased her Bridal Courture Collection’13 at the Rajasthan Fashion Week, said she would like to experiment with the edgy look in her bridal couture as far as the silhouette is concerned, but would stick to Indian embroidery and craftsmanship in terms of design, as she believes that’s a skill that she has mastered and is confident about.

Full of contagious enthusiasm for her work, she also told us of her plans of working exclusively on a spa line and her various other upcoming collaborations and the retail outlet that she is going to come up with in Mumbai.

On being asked about, one Indian celebrity that she’d love to see in one of her creations, she said that without a doubt, it will be Deepika Padukone! Because not only is she a diva but has the capability of carrying off just about everything with poise!

The highlight of the event were the unconventional designs, printed kaftan dresses in sea green and coral blue, which would  make for an elegant resort wear on any fancy holiday!

By: Isha Gupta

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