Be A Pro Bro!

Yes it’s that time of the year again, when the sisters gain! But worry not brothers, we at FMW tell you how to be a pro bro without burning a hole in your pocket!

If you have a very choosy sister, and you just don’t know how to get a perfect gift for her, then keep it safe, simple and classy! Walk into  the Hidesign stores and pick up any of the rockstar clutches Madonna, Adele or Suzanne and get 20% off on the second one (yes! you can take home Madonna and Adele 😛 ) we’ve been drooling over the designs and the discount just makes it better!

Adele W2(625)
Madonna W2(622)

If jogs, gyms and treadmills are your sister’s best friends then grab the Adidas original superstar sneakers or a customised gym bag along with a ‘Good Health and Snacking hamper’ from Godrej Nature’s Basket. The fitness freak sister will surely love her very own gym bag.

Adidas Superstar Blue Print

For the fashion obsessed sisters, Vyoum – A multi designer store, located in Juhu, Mumbai will be the perfect place for her extravagant shopping spree! The collection of fine jewellery, accessories and clothes can be bought at a discounted rate so hurry up and be the smart pro bro!

Girls love chocolates and it’s a fact! Boxes of chocolates are the safest bets, just gift your sister a big ‘Chocolatey Hamper’ from Godrej Nature’s basket and who knows she might want to share some with you for being a pro bro!

Gourmet boutique Rs 699

Gifts without wrappers are always boring and sad so wrap up your gifts in some of the coolest gift wrappers from Paperhandy!

Gift Box Pink

Follow these simple steps and you can thank FMW later for making you a ‘Pro Bro’!

By: Saloni Raya