Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour 2013 – Preview

It was an afternoon well spent at lifestyle concept store Le Mill. Top of the line designers with their respective muses adorned the store spaces with distinct fashion statements; as a fabulous sneak peek to the 9th edition of Seagram’s Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2013.

Gaviin Miguel portrayed ‘Warriors of Heaven on Earth’ on his muse Dipannita Sharma. The opulent
evening gown in earthy tones and embellishments was a stunner. It would actually make you believe that the ethereal paradise has just descended on earth in this disarmingly beautiful creation.

Gaviin Miguel & Dipannita Sharma

Gaviin Miguel & Dipannita Sharma

J J Valaya showcased ‘Maharaja of Madrid’ on his muse. The medley of Spanish and Indian influences, were juxtaposed in rich red and black tones. It had a lively flamenco vibe to it.

JJ Valaya & Deepti Gujral

JJ Valaya & Deepti Gujral

Neeta Lulla drew inspiration from the fashionistas of 20’s and 30’s characterized by boldness with immense poise. Her muse Sophie
Choudhary donned sensuous silhouette accentuating pink outfit that would take you back in time.

 Sophie Choudhary & Neeta Lulla

Sophie Choudhary & Neeta Lulla

Pankaj and Nidhi showcased ‘Roses are Blue’ on their gorgeous muse Neha Dhupia. The ever- beautiful oversized roses in pixilated graphic avatars, in full bloom, were given a totally unexpected twist in surreal palette of blues.

Pankaj & Nidhi with Neha Dhupia

Pankaj & Nidhi with Neha Dhupia

Rocky S brought out the dark medieval age of Fashion in signature Black on super models Binal Trivedi, Pia Trivedi, Mashoom Singha, Shamita Singha and Aanchal Kumar. Teeming of lavishness, seduction
and dramatic splendor of mystery, the outfits brought out the gorgeous contours of feminity.

Seen at Blender's Pride 'House of Style' - Rocky S with Binal Trivedi, Pia Trivedi, Mashoom Singha, Shamita Singha & Aanchal Kumar

Rocky S with Binal Trivedi, Pia Trivedi, Mashoom Singha, Shamita Singha & Aanchal Kumar

Tarun Tahliani brought to life, glimmers of sunrise saffron with exuberant outbursts of fiery hues and midnight shades. Stunning Mehr Rampal oozed enigma, sadhu style, in a sea of unending fabric creating a sensuous drape.

Carol Gracia, Tarun Tahiliani & Mehr Rampal

Carol Gracias, Tarun Tahiliani & Mehr Rampal

Vikram Phadnis, had sexy and elegant Malaika Arora Khan personifying the ‘Chic You’ silhouette in a passionate combination of colors and creativity. Draped in cream, red and black, she looked vivacious and personified the buoyant spirits of the creation she was donning.

Malaika Arora Khan & Vikram Phadnis

Malaika Arora Khan & Vikram Phadnis

Wendell Rodricks took to music for inspiration. He paid a tribute to Cole Porter- Red, Haute and Blue and transformed hot tunes into a hot garment with a delightful palette, on Evelyn Sharma.

Wendell Rodricks & Evelyn Sharma

Wendell Rodricks & Evelyn Sharma

Falguni and Shane Peacock, known for their avant garde and futuristic fashion sensibilities showcased a very distinctive floral and abstract creation playing with sheer fabric and a black, white and red palette. The duo known for dressing up the hottest of stars, had sizzling Sameera Reddy as their muse.

Shane & Falguni Peacock with Sameera Reddy

Shane & Falguni Peacock with Sameera Reddy

When the country’s topmost trendsetters, showcase personal inspiration in form of sartorial embodiment, you are bound to come back feeling so fashion satiated!

By: Payal Hindocha

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