Shake It Like A Belly Dancer

“And I’m crazy, but you like it; Loca, Loca, Loca.” The minute this song plays on the dance floor, don’t you just feel like taking in the Shakira avataar. Alas, no one can ace the dance moves like she does. The sensual belly dance moves is not only captivating, but also enthralling. But with Raksha Kumar’s Dance Inc. exclusively teaching belly dance, we feel there’s a minuscule chance that you could also turn into a belly dance goddess.

A former IT professional, Raksha S Kumar promises to train you shake a leg, or may we say hip, like a professional in a matter of months. Besides, if you fancy washboard abs, belly dance proves to be an awesome workout for the midriff.

Raksha Kumar

Raksha has been learning and performing belly dance for the past six years. “I have a belly dance repertoire which consists of a wide range of belly dance styles such as Egyptian, Saidi, Baladi, Turkish, Techno, Polynesian and Lebanese. It is for the love of belly dance that I am pursuing to train it as a full-time career. Though there are many classes teaching belly dance in the city, I assure you that at Raksha Kumar’s Dance Inc. you will not only learn the dance form, but also fall in love with belly dance,” says Raksha in a rather confident tone.

Also, to make your belly dance journey more fun, they would conduct fun games, open houses, performances and hafla nights. We are definitely joining Dance Inc., what about you?

About the course

They are offering a fabulous package comprising three levels.

Level 1: Students with little or no experience with Belly dancing begin their course of study with Level 1. This will be an introductory eight-hour course designed to teach you the fundamentals of belly dance focusing more on the technique, muscle awareness and isolation’s of the ancient Egyptian Belly Dance style. You will be exploring the basic movements of Belly dance such as the dance posture, arm positions, hip-work, foot-work, undulations, upper body-work, shimmies and much more!! I will break down these movements as they are the foundation of all styles of belly dance. The level ends with a fun choreography.

Level 2: In this eight-hour course, you will learn exciting variations and layering of movements learned in Level 1 as well as beautiful travelling movements and graceful arm positions. You will also be introduced to a more complex set of new movements to increase coordination and precision in belly dancing and learn various movement combinations which you can flaunt on any song you like. This level will also introduce you to various rhythms used in Belly Dance. The level ends with an advanced level of choreography.

Level 3: In this eight-hour course, you will discover the mysterious secrets of using a prop called veil. This level would comprise basic and advanced use of veil work as well as beautiful dance combinations with the veil. The level ends with fun veil choreography.

As each level, we work on advanced movements and shimmies, layering and improvisations. You will also learn various styles of Belly Dancing such as Egyptian, Saidi, Baladi, Turkish, Techno, Polynesian and Lebanese. We also teach floor work, drum solos, usage of props such as the Cane and Isis Wings and much more.

Address: Shop No. 32, 1st Floor, Evershine Mall, Near Inorbit Mall, Malad West, Mumbai.

Contact: Raksha S. Kumar on 9619250047/9619250011

By: Team FMW