FMW’s Lust List

Do we lust for all things beautiful- not all, but those that catch our fancy. Here’s what not only caught FMW’s fancy but has been holding it too:

Lacoste Advantage Crystal Watch for Ladies

Advantage Crystal - Ladies

Advantage Crystal – Ladies

This all-white, swarovski embedded watch is pure elegance. Pair it with anything- a flirty skirt, a black maxi dress or a feminine top. It will go with almost any outfit and bring out the best in you. As your hand will look embellished in splendour, who wouldn’t want to hold it?

Ash Amaira’s ethnic red and gold bracelet

Ash Amaira's ethnic red and gold bracelet

Ash Amaira’s ethnic red and gold bracelet

Ash Amaira is globally appreciated with their work that blends antique, vintage and modern elements to reinvent timeless classics. We came across this tomato red bracelet with gold plated inside by Ash Amaira and it just cannot be forgotten. Its ethnic charm and Swarovski embellishments make it a classic. Pair it with your favourite Indian or a chic indo-western outfit in pastels or gold.

Louis Vuitton W handbag

Louis Vuitton W Bag

Louis Vuitton W Bag

This one is not just on FMW’s lust list but also on our favourite celeb’s hands- Reese Witherspoon, Uma Thurman, Queen Rania of Jordan amongst others.

Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron

Queen Rania Of Jordan Sighting - NYC

Queen Rania Of Jordan

 It’s gonna be this fall’s one of the most coveted handbags, FMW says. Carry it with a day-time flirty dress or take it along when you dress up like Hitchcock’s heroines. This is the IT bag of the season, no second thoughts!

By: Akanksha Narang

We would love to know the things you lust for. Write to us! xx

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