Fashion In TV Series

How many times have we watched the same episodes of your favourite TV series?  It is like secretly finding somebody’s life more interesting than yours. And that gorgeous actor in the show- isn’t he your non-existent boyfriend you wish existed? These TV series are very influential since they are delivered to our TV sets on a regular basis over a prolonged period of time. When you go back and watch those old shows again- you can say-hey I remember that trend-it was huge 2 years ago!

Having said that, FMW picks Top 3 most stylish TV series, so today after going home and crashing on your couch, you know where to get your dose of fashion with a plot in the background too!

1)     Gossip Girl:

Nothing has been as statement-making a show as Gossip Girl. An American teen drama, set in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, this is a show that has been inspirational for young girls unceasingly. Blair’s style is more like that of a princess (maybe because she believes she is one!) Don’t we just love her winter capes, tights and those pretty bow hair bands? Serena on the other hand doesn’t stick to one style but loves to experiment. She looks effortlessly chic in skinny jeans and a tee. She loves to wear blazers on skirts, dresses or pants. Having a perfectly sculpted face, she has been often spotted with hair tied in a pony, plait or bun.

Blair and Serena
Blair and Serena

Gossip Girl cast has posed on the cover of numerous mainstream magazines, including Rolling Stone, People, Nylon, New York Magazine, TV Guide, New York Post, Vogue, Out Magazine, Details (magazine) and, Entertainment Weekly.

 2)     Mad Men:

Set in 1960’s, Mad Men is an American period drama about people living scandalous lives beneath their sophisticated conduct. This show is fashionably more significant than any right now because the 60s look is back and it can be more like a how to dress up like the 60’s tutorial for us. Peggy’s check dresses with peter pan collars or Betty’s shirt waist dresses stand the test of time and can be adorned on a day out in town. Joan’s sheath dresses accentuating her hour glass shape has been a major 60’s trend. In the entire series, one will see the waist is very much defined- gives us all the more reasons to shed those extra inches there!

Mad Men

Scarves as well as scarf-collars have been spotted generously in the show. Pencil skirts, jackets, a nice bob and red lips- there is so much fashion one can learn from this show!

 3)     The Carrie Diaries:

FMW loves The Carrie Diaries more than Sex and the City- in terms of fashion. If tutu is your style- this one will definitely hold your fascination! It is also styled by celebrity stylist Eric Daman who had styled for the epic style series Gossip Girl.

Carrie Diaries

We love Carrie’s Tutu dresses and skirts-paired with a blazer, much similar to what Carrie is shown wearing as a grown Woman in Sex and The City. Only if we could actually wear those amazing tutus in India casually, as she does! Having said that, we love the fun, vibrant look of the show altogether!

Are you a Carrie or a Mad (Wo)Men or a Gossip Girl? Do let us know! xx

By: Akanksha Narang