Strala Yoga – The New Face of Fitness

FMW is always a big supporter of Indian art forms that have gone global, may it be from the world of fashion, beauty or fitness. One such phenomena is Yoga. Over time this form of disciplined exercise and meditation that connects the body mind and soul has gone through a lot of variations and has be altered and customised to suit the needs of different cultures and societies in the global world.

When we heard of Strala Yoga, we were eager to know more about it. So we left our desk and headed to visit a Strala Yoga session. Tara Stiles of American origin is the founder of Strala Yoga was conducting the Strala Yoga session. We expected people sitting in different still positions and holding their positions for long and practicing various breathing techniques with ambient music playing in the background. But we were surprised to see a completely different scenario. Pleasantly surprised we must say – loud music, people dancing to the graceful moves and having fun, more like a dance form.

Tara Stiles

We couldn’t wait to meet with Tara and find out more about Strala Yoga. We expected her to be exhausted after the session, but she seemed very enthusiastic to speak to us. We could already notice the positive vibe and energy flowing through Tara after a Strala Yoga session. Now we know why Vanity Fair declared her as the COOLEST YOGA INSTRUCTOR EVER. Tara explains “Strala Yoga is a movement based form of Yoga where people move from pose to pose and not really being stuck in a pose which is rigid. So everybody looks quite different when they do it and it is really fun and freeing to do it.” Yoga being originated in India we asked Tara how does it feel to be here for the first time. Tara was quick to affirm to the customisation of this form of Yoga to suit the American needs. Tara concurs, “People in the US are getting very competitive and rigid with Yoga. Knowing its benefits they are very particular about perfecting a pose, it has become more about gymnastics and connecting with yourself by using your body. They really enjoy this adaptation of Yoga.”

We were keen on knowing the right form of clothing to be worn for this highly intensive Yoga session, compared to the meditative form of Yoga. Having identified this need Tara informs us about her collaboration with Reebok to design and launch Reebok’s Yoga collection. This is a unique and innovative line of products focused on dance, aerobics and yoga which has been designed especially for the women consumers.

Reebok’s Yoga collection with Tara Stiles
Reebok’s Yoga collection with Tara Stiles
Reebok’s Yoga collection with Tara Stiles

Finally not able to get over her high energy levels we wanted to know whether is Strala Yoga enough to keep her fit. But Tara explains, “Diet plays a key role irrespective of what form of exercise you are doing be it lifting weights in the gym, running, dancing or Strala Yoga. Exercise cannot overshadow unhealthy eating habits. In order to be healthy and energetic one needs to have a 360 degree approach towards healthy living.

By: Jeremy Cabral

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