Gaurav Gupta at Bridal Fashion Week

Mumbai was keyed up about Gaurav Gupta’s show at India Bridal Fashion Week, and so seemed he. As the front rowers gathered to see and review his collection, not once did their eyes leave the stage. Having said that, it was not over-the-top or exaggerated. It was rather subdued as it is said less is more.

Gaurav Gupta at India Bridal Week
Gaurav Gupta at India bridal Week
Gaurav Gupta at India Bridal Week

Net was heavily used in all the ensembles. Peek-a-boo outfits exhibited a sensuous adaptation of sheer + solid trend. The show began with one such eccentric black solid + net peek-a-boo gown which set the standards of the show high. Black, bronze, gold- the color palette was a mix of rusted and metallic as well as the more traditional orange and pink of Indian bridal culture. Lehengas came with long cholis of uneven hemlines. Sari gowns, the new bridal haute couture, found its way into Gaurav Gupta’s collection aesthetically. Gaurav Gupta’s interpretation of bride is not a woman of convention. She is sensuous and not afraid to show her wilder side. She is an individual and then a bride.

FMW catches up with fashion experts to know their views on this unconventional collection.

Meher Castelino

India’s first Miss India, Meher Castelino, expresses her thoughtful analysis to FMW, “The collection was extremely creative as far as the construction is concerned. I loved the lehenga choli cum gown silhouette. Sheer + solid was interestingly used, making the outfits look nothing less than sexy.” However, for those who criticise this trend, she clarifies that sheer and solid needs to be carefully played, “This trend can look really aesthetically pleasing depending on who wears it and how its done. The first gown of the show, the black net peek-a-boo one, cannot be worn everyday or by everyone. But for those who can carry it off well, it can look very sensuous.”

Narendra Kumar

As Gaurav Gupta was the talk of the town, designer Narendra Kumar, an expert in the fashion sphere gives us his insights, “Gaurav Gupta’s show was a nice blend of tradition with modern. I liked the detailing on the outfits as well as the cuts, silhouettes and the styling. Gaurav Gupta’s collection is unique trend-setting in the bridal industry where thousands of people are doing the same thing. For a person like me, who likes tailoring, I loved the silhouettes of his collection. Also, even with embellishments, they didn’t look too heavy. The color palette was pleasantly sub-dued. I liked the sari-gowns, which is a trend that could go well for evening wear- a good mix of east-meets-west.”

Aparna Badlani

Aparna Badlani, co-founder of Atosa agrees, “I’ve always admired Gaurav’s ability to give a unique modern edge to his Indian wear. It’s what sets him apart and makes him a designer to reckon with and watch out for. With this collection, Gaurav has yet again proved that he is truly the go-to designer for the modern, cutting-edge bride, who wants something away from the traditional Indian bridal attire for her wedding.”

Forever vacillating between two opposites, contemporary and traditional- Gaurav Gupta gives us a balancing equilibrium that brings us the best of both worlds in one fell swoop.

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Text By: Akanksha Narang

Pictures By: Ivan Pereira


  1. Dear Gaurav,

    I think your line was just great and very well done.
    Beautiful lines and treatments as I would expect nothing less from you.

  2. Sorana Amin says:

    I dont mean to be rude, in my personal opinion the collection is ‘meh’, Below-average, seen-it-all before look. The embellishments are NOT subdued, but in your face almost borderline-tacky! And why this obsession with east-meets-west? Why does east & west have to meet? Aren’t they perfect where they are? And if you do indeed need to see them meet, please check the works of Zuhair Murad & Elie Saab. As designers, our Indian counterparts have to push limits to reach perfection. Unfortunately, the above collection by Gaurav is not pushing any borders.

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