What’s Your Plan This Christmas?

The damsel donned her kirtle sheen;
The hail was dressed with holly green;
Forth to the wood did merry men go,
To gather in the mistletoe

-Christmas in the Olden Time, Sir Walton Scott

One thing Sir Walton Scott must not have foreseen is that although times change but not the spirit of Christmas. The damsel still adorns her kirtle sheen and the merry men still gather, for you don’t need to be in a certain era, after all our entire existence is divided into two halves- Before Christ and After Death (Latin phrase Anno Domini). New Year’s Eve that follows, only makes the month of December so much more special.

Thus, FMW decided to find out what the damsels and the merry men of our fashion fraternity are looking forward to this Christmas and New Year’s.

Gaviin Miguel

Designers Gaviin Miguel and Arjun Khanna have their own respective trips planned and they are all set to go. Gaviin Miguel shared his plans with us, “This holiday season, I’m looking forward to a trip with my wife and daughter as well as a small group of friends. We’ll be starting from Dubai and ending up at Paris.It’s going to be a 8-day trip, out of which four will be spent in Dubai and the remaining four in Paris. My wife in fact is from France. Her family will also be joining us at Paris. They will be coming from west France. But what I’m really looking forward to is my daughter’s reaction- she has never been to Paris before; she is barely three and a half. I am looking forward to her reaction when she’ll first see the Eiffel Tower.”

Arjun Khanna

Arjun Khanna on the other hand is looking forward to visit his base town, Goa, “I am planning to go to none other than Goa. I’m infact from Goa itself. It’s like my little escape from the world. Also, the weather is fab in Goa, it being the month of December. I might stay back for New Year’s Eve as well. It will be time well spent with family and close friends.”

Shamita Singha

Model, Shamita Singha and designer Nachiket Barve on the other prefer staying close to home for the holidays. Shamita Singha would like to indulge in what she likes the best, her loved ones and wine, “For Christmas and New Year’s, I will be hanging out with friends, meeting people who are close, who actually matter. I’m also looking forward to drinking some good wine, being a wine connoisseur. I won’t be going out of town; mostly I will be in Mumbai itself. I would probably go for a party at a friend’s home. Or I might just put up a nice Christmas tree at home, call all my friends, do some wine tasting, and have good food. I think it’s best to celebrate it at home.”

Nachiket Barve

Nachiket Barve is in a reflective mood. He believes it’s not only time for merriment and fun but also reflecting on the year gone by. He expresses, “This holiday season, I will be reflecting on the year. I will be taking thought on the time gone by and thus make new resolutions. I like my New Year’s to be very simple. I don’t like to plan in advance neither do I like the pressure of having a New Year’s Eve plan. What I do like is keeping it simple. I would probably go to a friend’s house or keep a small party on my own terrace. Spend good time with family and friends and just relax. I think its all about having a fun time and being yourself.”

James Ferreira

While for James Ferreira it’s all about loving your family, “I usually like spending holidays at home with my family. I have a huge part of my family living abroad, so every year it is like a family reunion and a family lunch. However, my elder brother’s son is getting married this holiday season in Australia. My entire family will be flying down to Australia. This year, it will be a quiet one with my mom. Although Khotachiwadi lights up during Christmas, it’s a beautiful time here. But for me it’s going to be me and mom for Christmas.”

What are you planning to do? Take a trip, go for a house party or spend a quiet time with family? xx