Blue Water Grille – FMW’s Review

Rajauri garden, the place famous for its eating joints, can now boast of a new fine dining restaurant, the Blue water Grille. Blue water Grille is an initiative of M.M Fisheries, the biggest sea food and poultry supplier to major hotels, banquets and restaurant in the country since 1964.

Ambiance and service:
The ambiance is inviting, and the choice of music is innovative. It is perfect for late afternoons with friends as the place is lit by pleasant sunlight. Then as the sun would set, you would find your late afternoons extending to lazy evenings as a sea food lover would not be able to put the fork down. The service is quick and non invasive.

Interior shot 2

Interior shot 1

The menu:
Thee place boasts of an extensive menu. It features an array of cuisines like Oriental, Italian, Continental and Indian. The same kind of lavishness is extended towards the respective cocktails and mocktails menu.

Spicy orange fish

Spicy orange fish

Lemon butter fish

Lemon butter fish

BWG seafood basket

BWG seafood basket

FMW likes:
The betel magic mock tail, a pan flavoured drink is surprisingly refreshing and tasty. If you are a pan lover, you simply cannot skip this one. Not excessively sweet, you will feel like your favourite paan has melted and bursted out into life saving drops of nectar. No, we are just exaggerating, its no life saving nectar but its pretty darn good! Another item that we relished is the Peri Peri fish; it is absolutely delectable and the spice is not hard on your taste buds. It comes with the traditional peri peri sauce and some vegetables. But the dish of the year award definitely goes to the sea food basket. It is perfect for those who’d love to munch on something crisp yet juicy at the same time. The basket consists of fried prawns, fish and oysters, and are served with tartar sauce. It’s a perfect snack for lazy evenings, marked with spicy gossips.

FMW dislikes:
Essentially, Blue Water Grille is perfect for sea food lovers. But a dish that failed to impress us would be the grilled fish, served with
lemon sauce. It lacked crispiness and almost felt flat on our taste buds. Also, we wouldn’t recommend the rice pudding or kheer for
dessert. It seemed to be too solid and it’d been better if ithe kheer was a little less thick.

It is moderately priced. A good platter of your favourite non vegetarian as well as vegetarian delicacies will cost you below Rs. 500. Rolls can be had at approximately Rs. 200. A meal for two can cost approximately Rs. 1500.

This place is great for sea food lovers, as the food is excellent and does not burn a hole in the pocket. A VFM place, after all cost and worth are two different things!

By: Nishtha Sood


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