Hit the town like superstars

While Robin Thicke sings to Leighton Meester “Do your hair, I bought you shoes we can hit the town like superstars do,” we wonder if really good shoes are enough to make you feel like a superstar. And then we look at our favourite pair of stilettos and those gorgeous winter boots and then the answer seems obvious.The festivities have already begun and our dates are booked. Our social calendar is suddenly very happening and we don’t have enough shoes! But then again, can we ever have enough shoes?

For Her: Ladies, it’s time to make that booty call! Wear your knee high boots with your favourite pair of leggings and a sweater, enjoying the weather without getting “cold feet.” However, if you are planning to wear a cute dress then knee high boots will look a bit odd. However, go ankle length for dresses and skirts and you can never go wrong. They look very cute- the only task being color co-ordination. Just don’t wear a red dress with purple boots and a yellow hat and end up looking like the ugly sister of rainbow. Marks and Spencer has come up with a new range of knee high and ankle boots, for Rs. 3499 only.

Marks & Spencer

If you wanna give your boots a skip, and opt for the all season pumps and stilettos, then we have news for you. Heel & Buckle from Hampsted London has made its way to Mumbai’s Palladium mall and you can be one of the first few people to own the gorgeous footwear.


The best part is you can take your man along and get him the footwear of your choice (a subtle way of asking him to throw away that ugly pair of worn out shoes.

For Him: How does the shoe rack at your apartment look? The first three rows must be captured by women; the last one would have two of your shoes and a pair or two feminine heels trying to invade the one row that you got. It’s time you claim and fight for your rights- it’s your row and you need to fill it with shoes. Go and buy some.

Egle and Louis Alberti

Apart from Heel & Buckle, FMW found some really nice ones at Eagle and Louis Alberti since they have come out with their wedding collection starting from Rs. 6500 onwards. The Russian brand crafts their shoes from the best quality leather and everybody loves a man in good shoes (women will agree!) You don’t really have to wear those only at weddings, you can wear it to parties and places where you have to look classy and your old pair just won’t do.

Party Loafers (Brown) at Egle & Louis Alberti
Snake Leather Loafers (Blue) at Egle & Louis Alberti
Wedding Collection (Black) at Egle & Louis Alberti

Here you go; FMW has helped you with the information regarding where to find your festive footwear this season. But you have to put your shoes on and go out there and buy new ones!

Send us pictures of your buys! xx

By: Akanksha Narang


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