#LakmeFW Says Goodbye to Talent Box

Twice a year, Mumbai gets its dose of fashion when Lakme Fashion Week starts its journey. Fashion enthusiasts await carefully for the show schedule to get announced. Thus, FMW decided to give you a sneak peek into whats in store for you this season at Lakme Fashion Week.


Grand Hyatt will be lit with fashion from 12th to 16th March, 2014. 6 Gen Next designers, 16 emerging designers showing at Main Show Area (MSA), 5 Indian textiles designers at MSA and a good 21 emerging designers showcasing at this new introduction called “Stage one”

While LFW has been offerring a platform since uncountable seasons, it has contributed to the fashion industry a talent bank with enthusiasm. It has launched some of the very appreciated designers. This season, however, it has taken the talent box a few steps closer-like literally! The Talent Box we used to walk miles to get to (since it was at The Source!) has taken a big move. Instead we have Stage One which will be just few steps away from Main Stage Area. For fashionistas who frequently attend shows at Grand Hyatt, Stage One will be at the Grand Salon which is adjourning the ball room.

Grand Salon

Grand Salon

We believe it to be a great move since the show area would be in the limelight, and attendance would be better. Keeping the talent box far away at The Source never made sense to us. Emerging talent needs to be in the limelight to emerge, don’t they?

Having said that, it must be a proud moment for LFW to see its designers graduating from one level to another. Aarti Vijay Gupta who showcased at the talent box last season will be showing at MSA. We also have designers like Sonaakshi Raaj and Karishma Shahni growing from talent box to MSA from last Summer/Resort to this.

Lakme Fashion Week has always inspired young talent to grow and flourish. Stage One is not just a geographical shift, it is symbolic of the bridging gap between designers showcasing at MSA and the Talent Box. Fashion industry is never stagnant. It keeps moving, at a pace difficult to predict. And yet we try.

Stay tuned and get the perks and pleasures of being as updated as one can be about Lakme Fashion Week. xx

By: Akanksha Narang

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