Style and Adventure!

The flavours of Turkey unfolded on one enthralling and magical evening at the residence of the ambassador of Turkey, New Delhi. When fashion meets travel, magic happens. We witnessed the culmination of both on a splendid evening, with a fashion show by designer Anu PD’s RESORT 2014 collection, complemented with a talk by the renowned travel journalist Mr. Inder Raj Ahluwalia. A true amalgamation of style and adventure!

Inder Raj Ahluwali with Anita and Mandeep Singh Soin
Inder Raj Ahluwali with Anita and Mandeep Singh Soin

The evening was granted a wonderful start by a thrilling talk by Mr Inder Raj Ahluwalia, who is recognized as the most-awarded, most-honored and best travel writer in the world. He presented us with a splendorous depiction of Turkey at the evening, captivating us with his description of Istanbul, Antalya and Cappadocia.

Anu PD with Sebnem K. Akcapar
Anu PD with Sebnem K. Akcapar

It was followed by Anu PD’s showcasing her resort 2014 collections. Her collection saw hues of pink, orange and blue. It is inspired by the colourful culture and traditions of Turkey, depicting a blend of mysticism and modernity. Her fashion philosophy narrates a definite bend towards nature and signify relaxation, affluence and appreciation of nature. She takes her inspiration from Istanbul’s stylish neighborhoods, the blue of the Mediterranean, as well as earthy tones of the Cappadocia.






Her collection is effortless yet stylish, ranging from the ruffled up, wrinkled look to sophisticated gowns.

Ashwani Dhawan, Dr. Sebnem K. Akcapar, H.E. Dr. Burak Akcapar and Anu PD

Ashwani Dhawan, Dr. Sebnem K. Akcapar, H.E. Dr. Burak Akcapar and Anu PD

In the words of His Excellency Dr Burak Akcaper,” the evening has been curated to highlight Turkey’s profile as the hottest emerging tourist destination in India and emphasizes synergies between Turkish-Indian cultures through fashion.”

By: Nishthaa Sood

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