Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Santa Claus is coming to town! Its Christmas time and time to exchange cute little gifts with our loved ones. When we were teeny weeny kids our parents would hide gifts under the Christmas tree and we would wake up with a huge smile on our faces. As we grew up, we got introduced to this game called Secret Santa which lets each person play Santa to another. Since there is hardly anytime left for Christmas, it is most likely that you have already played this game at home or work and you already know whose Secret Santa you will be. But that also means you have to choose a gift that will make that person feel like special. Thats the kind of magic you should create for Christmas.

FMW decided to be Santa’s apprentice and help all you folks playing Secret Santa to find the perfect presents.

1) Magic touch: We know the weather is beautiful and pleasantly cold but it can also take a toll on your beloved’s epidermis and dermis. Take care of their skin and gift them the Olive Real Set by Innisfree. It contains a cleansing foam, a body cleanser as well a body lotion. This gift set will not only be very useful but also show them you actually care. Skin after all is the largest organ of the human body and nobody wants to damage it. This gift set will not cost you more than Rs. 2000!

Christmas Gift box olive Set By Innisfree

2) Let eyes do the talking: If you are playing Secret Santa to a woman then buying eye make up is your safest bet. Every woman has different preferences in foundations or shades of lip colors. She might hate the shade or worse be allergic to the foundation you bought. But no woman will deny Oriflame’s new Beauty Studio Artist Gel eyeliner. It doesn’t smudge and is very easy to apply (many of us find it difficult to get the perfect line.) Let her eyes speak volumes with Oriflame’s Beauty Studio Volume Mascara. Her eyes will be dramatic and she’ll be happy fluttering her big lashes.

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eyeliner


Oriflame Volume Build Mascara

3) Bag full of love: Surprise her with a bag that she would love to carry!Notice her style, be observant. See the kind of bags she likes or would want to carry. If you still get confused gift her a white clutch by Hidesign which she will happily carry to the Christmas party matching it with her cute red dress. Alternatively, you may gift her the Hidesign fuschia shoulder bag which will add color to her days when it gets too cold and gloomy.

Nebula Clutch cum Small bag

Mara fuschia Shoulder bag

Christmas gifting has been an age old tradition that we feel more than happy to continue forever. After all who doesn’t want to feel special? While you are figuring out the perfect gift don’t forget to drop loud hints of what you want and hope your secret Santa pays heed!

Let us know what you got! xx

Don’t you fret, we have picked a few good gifting options for men too.
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By: Akanksha Narang