Leather Lust: Meaty Trend for the women fashion lovers!

Leather has been an age old favorite and the epitome of rock and roll dressing! Anyone in the rock star genre would owe a piece of leather for sure. For those looking to dress up a rock star look, here are must have leather goodies even for the conservatives. The winters add one more reason to lust over leather, even in the not so cold Mumbai; you could dress up in one. Get your hands on the below and you are sure to impress the fashion police with your wardrobe.

The Oh so Cool, Leather Jacket

Victoria Beckham

From Spice Girl Victoria Beckham to the Bigg Boss Contenders, the leather jacket can give anyone a perfect toughie look! Not just the boys, even the women can adorn a man look, ah women! We are no less toughies baby! What’s hot is the cool look that the brown’s and blacks, hues adds to the eyes. Oh and if you want to get a little playful with the sex appeal of this fashion piece, throw it in on a date night. Will be sure to add the oomph(y)- oomph for your Mr Charmer ;)!

A Perfect Fit, Leather Pant

Leather Pant

It’s time to flaunt baby! & flaunt it sexy. Leather pants just give you the perfect figure you ask for. Available in two-tone trends the leather pants add the glamour to set eyes ogling at you. Pair it with any trend top, the Aztec peplum or the animal printed tunic, these pants in your wardrobe will never die a fashion death. And what’s even more fun? One pant you can style it in many-many ways!

Photo Courtesy: Intheircloset.com

The Quintessential, Leather Handbag

Always safe and always classy! Marilyn Monroe or Sunny Leone, the leather arm candy can add the touch of class to any beauty and make them look even more beautiful! Don’t just stick to the black and brown ladies; opt for the color vibrancy available in leather.

Leather Handbag

Photo Courtesy: Fashionstar.com

A Must-Have, Leather Shoe

Gutted! You can’t wear them as often as you could in the Alps, the boots are still a fashion trend you can’t ignore. Pair it with a short dress, skirt or even shorts for that matter. You can’t whip this trend wrongly on you. Boot up ladies, this fashion trend is here to stay for long!

Leather Shoe

Photo Courtesy: celebrityfashionista.com

Add a touch of leather to any dress up and you will add glamour, toughness and a very classy sex appeal to your look! If you are at any point hammered with a fashion question, write in at fashionmostwanted@gmail.com

By: Kinjal Shah



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