More Surprises instore at Lakme Fashion Week

We have all missed the fashion week hustle and bustle for a while now. As March approaches Mumbai gears up for the next edition of Lakmé Fashion Week summer resort 2014 slated from the 12th – 16th, March, 2014. Though stress is quite a mundane feeling, it seems to be ‘in fashion’ all the time! and for those who have not been to the week here’s what describes being fashionably stressed.

Lakme Fashion Week strives hard to live up to its motto of promoting undiscovered talent and this time around it has gone leaps ahead by introducing our favourite hauté couture, creative and talented young designers, Karan Berry and Leon Vaz.

Sneak Peak into Karan Berry and Leon Vaz's Lakme Fashion Week Collection

Sneak Peak into Karan Berry and Leon Vaz’s Lakme Fashion Week Collection

Karan and Leon have fused their combined but separate talents in the world of hauté couture, for the very first time, to bring to our world of high fashion, a “one-stop” destination that offers clients not just exclusive one-off creations but a total fashion design concept to encompass the entire ensemble that the occasion demands.

Sneak Peak into Karan Berry and Leon Vaz's Lakme Fashion Week Collection

Sneak Peak into Karan Berry and Leon Vaz’s Lakme Fashion Week Collection

Combining the rich aesthetics of Indian culture with a Western approach, it led to creating pieces of design couture that offers Indian clientele superior quality and higher standards that are the norm for many of the world’s leading international fashion labels. They would be introducing at Lakme Fashion Week their art, which focuses on Eveningwear, Bridal ensembles and one-of-a-kind fashion accessories.

By: Jeremy Cabral

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  1. Lakme Fashion Week is an awesome event for all fashion lovers. You come to see new designs and talents of new designers. I always keep my eyes on this event, and certainly looking forward for Karan Berry and Leon Vaz collections.