Decoding Priyanka Gandhi’s Style Quotient

Those deep eyes with a gaze that speaks of having seen the world unfiltered; the almost disparity evoking dimpled smile that develops into a perfect upward curve, like that of a child. The little girl that Late Rajiv Gandhi said to have a “very sharp political mind” is not little any more. Priyanka Gandhi, daughter of Sonia Gandhi has been playing a very large role in all the Congress campaigns, much like how Rajiv Gandhi must have predicted.

We can’t help but notice the uncanny similarities between Priyanka and her revered grandmother, Indira Gandhi. A woman of class, elegance and unbeatable poise, Indira Gandhi took India by storm and Priyanka seems to carry herself with a similar charm. Laidback style, her dressing speaks volumes on how simplicity can be utterly beautiful.

Priyanka Gandhi’s Classic Ensembles

Priyanka Gandhi

We’ve seen political figures in the west carry themselves with élan and being fashion trend setters. Jackie O lead the 60s and Kate Middleton seems to be the trending subject all over. Priyanka Gandhi’s style is fuss free and simple. She goes androgynous in a classic white shirt and black trousers while we love her evening monochrome look in a feminine blouse.

Priyanka Gandhi’s Handloom Sarees

Priyanka Gandhi Handloom Sarees

While we can’t help but notice the beautiful handloom sarees that Priyanka Gandhi wears, we do believe the aesthetics have been in all the Gandhi women. Don’t we love Indira Gandhi’s beautiful sarees? For all the ladies who are spending tons of monies on designer sarees, here’s how you can actually look gorgeous. She likes her sarees to be checked, color blocked or even in monotone. This lady is trendy we’d say!

Priyanka Gandhi’s No Make-Up Look 

Priyanka Gandhi No Make Up Look

It’s said that women must avoid putting too much make-up in the corporate world, to be taken seriously. Although, that is insane and a woman’s capabilities shouldn’t be judged by the amount of make-up she uses, it somehow still holds to be true in our two-faced society. And Priyanka Gandhi’s no make-up look seems to be working in her favor. Fuss free bob and clear face, she looks feisty flair always.

She is the pillar of strength for both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi at this moment. And with a phenomenal persona like hers, it’s not very surprising.

By: Akanksha Narang


  1. She looks dam good in saree. She is the perfect example that a lady can be good in saree as well.

  2. james says:

    I agree that she do not carry the look of Indira Gandhi completely, but she has a look similar to Indira Gandhi without a doubt.

  3. While i am a huge fan of priyankas handloom sarees n agree with no fuss look, wish she wud carry it with the poise that indiraji carried her sarees, Her no fuss looks messy !

    1. Maxin says:

      i agree with you completely maybe with time she’ll get more graceful in her looks

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