Lakme Perfect Radiance Creme

Radiant Skin Is Happy Skin

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Few things are more stressful than waking up in the morning to dull and lifeless looking skin. And we all know that even the best outfit or the funkiest accessories can’t drive that stress away. While it isn’t something you can correct in a jiffy, a few small but effective steps can help you sail through looking totally radiant. There are ways to get that much desired radiant and polished skin without having to visit the salon. And if it can lift your mood, then why not!

Lakme Perfect Radiance Creme
Lakme Perfect Radiance Creme

Here are a few secrets from the Lakmé expert to get that much desired radiant skin through a simple, salon-like polishing regime!


Cleanse with Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Face Wash to remove dirt, pollution and dead cells that cause skin dullness.


Light Time

Massage your face with a dose of Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Serum that instantly transforms from white to pink and corrects skin tone with each application to give you that glow you love. Follow it up with the lightweight gel style Lakmé Perfect RadianceIntense Whitening Light Crème that gives your skin a splash of hydration, making it softer and more even toned over time.

Night Time

Apply Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Capsules Treatment to removes dullness, making skin visibly fairer. Its skin polishing action (Vitamin C, E, lycopene) works from deep within to enhance skin’s natural radiance & texture. Then massage your face with the rich Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Night Repair Crème that works harmoniously with skin when the cell renewal process is at its peak.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum
Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum

For best results, visit your nearest Lakmé salon once in a month and experience an instant transformation with Lakmé Perfect Radiance rituals specially created by Lakmé Salon experts.

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