The Ancestry Antiques Gallery

Thomas Osler and his sons Follet and Clartson, F & C Osler began as a glass toy and cutting shop shortly before progressing to chandeliers, furniture and other opulent glass work. Thomas Osler and his firm received accolades and world-wide acclaim for their pristine quality of crystal work, becoming leaders in their field. Distinctly recognizable as F & C Osler, their exceptionally innovative style and unparalleled glass cutting and blowing earned them the moniker ‘King of Glass’. The expert craftsmen of F & C Osler were masters of their medium and were the first to develop new methods of manipulating cut crystal around a metal core. Their finely crafted chandeliers were often paired with contrasting metal framework to complement and accentuate their artistry. Osler crystal has a geometric quality which was skillfully incorporated in their celebrated technique of ‘brilliant cut glass’, which involved simple motifs, such as stars and fan scallops, represented through intersecting cuts and fragmentary shapes. These motifs were then repeated in various degrees of complexity to create ornate patterns that produced dazzling surfaces.


Their fine workmanship and novel approach to luxuriant, crystal furniture appealed to the tastes of the wealthy Indian elite, making India, Osler’s choice for their market outside the United Kingdom. Hence, Osler began supplying their tailor-made creations to a wealthy customer base of Maharajahs and opened a showroom in Calcutta in 1843. The Crystal Gallery, housed in FatehPrakash Palace, Udaipur features India’s largest range of exquisite crystal furniture and chandeliers ordered from F&C Osler, London in 1877. Many Indian palaces carried Osler chandeliers and furniture, often infused with colour and upholstered in vibrant velvets to suit the eastern aesthetic and appreciation of colour. F&C Osler were forced to retire in 1920 and their stunning masterpieces that are no longer in production, have since become the most sought after crystal in the world.

Dinsha and Munchi Shroff, opens The Ancestry Antiques Gallery within the grandeur of the Tarun Tahiliani couture studio in Chattarpur, New Delhi. The Ancestry Antiques Gallery will showcase coveted objets d’art collected by Dinsha and Munchi Shroff, also known as the ‘Osler twins’ for their vast range of crystal furniture and chandeliers by F&C Osler.


The Ancestry Antiques Gallery will be presenting the Shroff’s collection of antiques with pedigree lineage and undoubtable artistic value that would appeal to any antiques aficionado.