Ten-Minutes Make-up Fix!

The first things that comes to mind after waking up in the morning are what to wear to work and how quickly can I get my make-up done? FMW shows you how to ace your basic make-up routine in three simple ways, spanning not more than 10 minutes.


Face: Foundation & BB creams
Firstly, the basic of all basics. The foundation, which very few of us tend to get right. The trick is to evenly apply a layer of foundation using a sponge or your fingertips on all areas of your face and even on your neck. Pay more attention to the T-zone and under eyes, for these are the trouble makers! A BB (Blemish Balm) cream almost does the same job except it has more beneficial properties in a bottle; it is a foundation, moisturiser, serum, primer and sunblock. You may also want to apply a concealer if you still feel your eyes are weighing you down.

Adding definition to the face by using a blush or bronzer. The right amount of a nude or pink blush adds a little prep to one’s face. If you think rouge will end up making you look like a clown, opt for a bronzer to add a little sheer. Highlight and tonal value to your cheekbones.

Eyes: Eye-liner & Eye-shadow
All women absolutely adore the fact that your eyes can simply pop out by drawing a single line and, hence, stick to eye-liner. The various coloured eyeliners available today give us more options to experiment with our styles. Eye shadows of a neutral palette or softer shades tend to add a proportionate dimension to our eyes. Skip this if you haven’t had your espresso yet, and add a touch of mascara instead.

Lips: Lipstick & Gloss
Lipsticks are an absolute fav just because their easy-to-apply, adds instant colour, stays for a couple of hours and very ladylike. Gloss creates a voluptuous effect while remaining opaque and having plenty of shine.

By concentrating on how much is required and in the right places, you now are ready to grab those heels and set to conquer.

By: Fleur De Mello

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