DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s the end of October; that time of the year when you dress up in whacky costumes and enjoy a spooky night out for Halloween. Costume options, we know, are a bit cliché but fear not, we have a few suggestions that you could put together in a matter of hours. So, go indulge in DIY therapy.

This is probably the latest and most favourite add up to our favourite celebrity Halloween looks.

Angelina Jolie in Maleficent

What you need?
A leather ensemble, preferably a black long sleeved dress and an extended cape that reaches your knees.

Need to accessorize:
Skyscraper leather boots, a stiff collar and a pair of devil horns, all in pitch black (of course).

Make-up woes:
A pale face with oxy blood lips and dangerously winged eyeliner. The make-up should leave you looking breathtaking.

Local Hippy:
The most comfortable and easiest to put together, considering you can just throw on your clothes!

Local Hippy

What you need?
A vintage maxi, can be layered with a crochet jacket if required.

Need to accessorize:
Finish the look with a floral headband that you could make yourself and totally go wild. Feel free to wear a chunk of wooden bracelets and long neck pieces. A fishtail braid and colourful feathers in your hair will make the ensemble look effortlessly fun. Don’t forget to bring your Ray Bans along.

Make-up woes:
We recommend you keep the make-up neutral.

Ms. Gnome:
Bring a sense of nostalgia and a touch of fun to upcoming parties with a Ms. Gnome costume.

What you need?
A petticoat, leg warmers and dress to give you an authentic look. Wear the shoes of your choice. 

Need to accessorize:

The hat can be easily made at home. Boot covers let you wear the shoes of your choice.

Time to get noticed and don’t forget to leave in your comments as to how you managed your Halloween look effortlessly, all by yourself

By: Fleur De Mello