Shilpa Reddy Makes India Proud!

The gorgeous former Mrs. India and designer is taking a large leap in her stance in the fashion fraternity and reinforcing her reputation by taking it a notch further. It is a moment of honour and pride for us to know that she will be showcasing her latest Autumn/Winter Collection ’14 at the prestigious J-Autumn Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh in Paris, against the breathtaking Eiffel Tower as a sensational backdrop. The history making fashion show is sure to stun the audience once again with its scandalous combination of art, culture, fashion and architecture.

Shilpa Reddy

Shilpa Reddy

An exclusive interview with Ms. Reddy as she is all prepped  to make us proud overseas and beyond!

1. This is the first time that you have decided to step foot into the international avenue. How does it feel?

Shilpa Reddy – Actually this is my second  international venture. I did India Fashion Week in Dubai, September 2014. Paris definitely feels special since it’s the fashion capital and it is every designer’s dream to showcase their collection in a place like Paris.

2. What made you choose the prestigious ‘Eiffel Tower’ and the city of Paris as a backdrop for your exclusive collection? 

I did not choose it. Infact, they chose me. I was invited to showcase at the J-Autumn Fashion Show on the Eiffel Tower. Their intention is to invite designers who have a modern interpretation of their art, culture and heritage.

3. What aspect of your collection is sure to leave a sparkle in our eyes?

I believe the highlight of the collection is the way I have used Malkha, a simple yet beautiful eco friendly authentic cotton fabric and given it a complete make over. This hand woven fabric from Telangana and Andhra regions is transformed into jackets , palazzos , bolero jackets with power shoulders and embellished with intricate embroidery. Shilpa Reddy Studio is endorsing MALKHA as a responsible and sustainable fashion fabric.

4. We have heard that you have a new passion and designed shoes for the collection? How was that experience for you?

I have always wanted to design Indian embroidered shoes. I didn’t want to leave any stone unturned for this show and so I went ahead and kick started my dream and made it a reality for this show!

5. Who can we expect to see in the front rows?

The front row will consist of the crème de la crème including ambassadors and Members of Government, to business and fashion leaders along with national and international press.

6. And lastly, will you be doing the honors of gracing the event by walking proudly as not only a designer but a show stopper?Well, I will be walking along with Jessica Minh Anh, as she is an ex-model and the brain behind J-Autumn Fashion’s history creating shows. She always manages to pick the most alluring outfit from the collection and walk as a show stopper.

Not all designers showcasing at the Eiffel Tower get to take that final walk with Jessica and I am truly honoured and excited to have this opportunity.

She has even complimented our collection for its impeccable finishes and wore one of our outfits used for the promotional shoot to Manish Arora’s show at Paris Fashion Week.

A moment of pride!

By: Fleur De Mello

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