Power Dressing

Your attire and personality is like a key to the world. What you believe you are or you can adapt to, is what others will perceive you to be. It ultimately leads to individuality, that has the defining power to set you apart.

Power Dressing

It goes without saying that our first impressions are our last and clearly there isn’t anything we can back up to make do. Our clothing speaks for itself. Even the most minute of details such as the way your hair is tied up or how neat your shoes are kept or your almost faded nail polish speaks and in volumes. For both sexes, it is quite the show if one can adapt to looking their professional best with the right amount of attitude. It’s not only around the workplace, but the fact that people are always constantly judging us on how we carry ourselves. They accordingly manoeuvre situations. If you dress right and play the part, that immediately gives your sense of individuality an outrage of boost. Keeping in mind that clothes maketh the man.

Farthingale Dress

When we talk about power dressing, we simply have to think the ability to possess the power to define your personality and your career goals through your wardrobe. It is of an utmost importance as people will always notice you and speak of you based on your overall appearance. In order to retain positive perceptions, it is essential that we make an adequate effort. A dictation of your personal style goes a along way with your aspiring demeanour and authority. We need to walk out of the door playing our roles.

Farthingale Dress

The term ‘power dressing’ was popularised back in the 80s when shoulder pads and striped suits was an absolute rage and the First Ladies were ideal examples when the term was born and we eventually took cues from. Two decades later, it is understood that its not about wearing the classic black blazer or the most crisp white shirt but rather how you wear it ,maintain it and let it define who you are. The right shade of a sheath dress, the right fitting trousers or the hemline of your skirt will enhance your features in the right places. Classic and bold silhouettes with a hint of surprise are the best way to accentuate your capabilities in the workplace or even otherwise. But much before that, we owe the attributes of power dressing to the eloquence behind Elizabeth I voluminous farthingale dress, imposing shoulder rolls and a display of rubies and gems. Even Egypt’s first pharaoh adopted the men’s way of dressing and took control with a masculine kilt and headdress adorned with cobras. Indira Gandhi and her subsequent followers have also made their due appearance in nationalistic khadi saris. The mention of this is not only to show you how history has cleverly played its part but to draw in some inspiration.

It is stated that fashion is a powerful weapon that can be used by or against you. The choice is yours. And we must simply use it with great pompeur and stride.

By: Fleur De Mello

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