30 Glorious Years of Classic Denim 

For the one who prefers authenticity and indulges in tasteful denim, making themselves incomparable to the masses. We could confidently speak of how GAS is the perfect gear to wear on the go for the man or woman who embodies accuracy. A perfect capsule wardrobe could be easily picked from their classic staples. They have given us the splendid opportunity of a collaboration and being part of their anniversary on completing a milestone of 30 years. And we are certainly lusting over blissful white winters gazing at their latest Fall/Winter Collection ’14, with glee!

On the occasion of this celebration, the brand has initiated an interesting and exciting contest open to one and all, that embodies the GAS’s aesthetics – grit, dynamism and determination.

The online medium entitled ‘Gas Free For 30 Seconds’ is a toast to all its loyal customers for a chance to win the brands merchandise for free of cost at the time allotted. So this is how it works. A pulsing game is built around a chronometer that runs relentlessly by the speed of those taking part. The race of the clock starts at 3:30pm on 13th November 2014 with 30 seconds to win the chosen piece, being free of charge for half a minute.

We loved how the brand has taken up the style quotient on the basic denim jacket and given it a rusted look with hints of violet and how the oversized alpaca wool sweaters are paired with classic ripped blue denim. The nougat leather jackets for both sexes were staples everyone would love to stack. Many are not aware, that the brand is synonymous with their classic 5 pocket jeans, a wardrobe essential for the traveller. Checked and printed shirts ideal combined with canvas jackets with fur trims for the men, spoke of how chilly are winters should be!

We have put together a bunch of GAS classics that speak highly of their versatility.
You could easily get acquainted with…

1. The Conqueror 

Always getting himself prepped much before the sun arises, just incase he clashes with an engaging meeting of business or a brunch date.

2. The Wanderer

Always filled with curiosity and finding the need to explore the plethora of varieties, diversities and options, an absolute fulfilment of his own will.

3. The Explorer 

Always living in a world of indulgence and seeks beyond avenues that are within coasts, yet far reaching and outlandish.

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Contest Site – http://30years.gasjeans.com/in#/