Explore the Power of Dressing

What would you prefer? A peacock or a crow; a rose or a cactus; a well-manicured garden or barren land! The answer is pretty straight-forward, and so is the point we hinting at. First impressions and visually pleasing appearances make a lasting impact. It is a visual world, so judging a book by its cover and a person by their clothes is quite natural, especially at that fancy office of yours.

Grooming is what makes all the desired difference and in order to do so, you can explore the power of dressing and get on the top of your game. Point in case: Deepika Padukone. Her fashion quotient, over the years, has only been in sync with the ongoing trends, but is also classy and impactful. In fact, she has even designed a limited edition for premium lifestyle brand Van Heusen. The brand is an epitome of elegance and sophistication, just like the diva herself! You can take inspiration from their latest collection and stay on trend even in the corporate space.

Be the Diva: Winter is also the festive season, so bringing out bright colours like electric blue, cane orange or brick red is a good option. Solid colours work better now with fitted silhouettes. The prints can be kept minimal with self embellishments.

Deepika Padukone for Van Heusen Limited Edition

Be the Man: Men can play up softer and more subtle versions of these colours. A red tie or an orange pocket square can add a hint of fun to the otherwise dapper brown or black suit. Slim fits are in fashion and the classic micro checks are here to stay all through this season.

Van Heusen Clothing

FMW EXPERT TIP: It is important to know what is in trend as far as colours, cuts and prints are concerned. But do not simply follow them blindly and look like a photocopy version of trend look-books.

Deepika Padukone for Van Heusen Limited Edition

Use your fashion sense to mix-and-match them and make them your personal style statement!