Getting your man socks in vogue!

You must’ve noticed the trend on your colleague of equal competence at the work zone or on a high school friend you’ve known half of yourlife, suddenly take a sharp interest on what’s on his feet. It goes without saying that our ensembles can’t suffice without them. The sock trend is gaining momentum and how. It’s almost a teaser to the eye since it reveals a little less than nothing. Clearly stating that you have the power to capture ones attention with a whole lotta game!

Socks and shoes the emerging trend of 2015
Pack away and bid adieu to the old aged white and black socks and make room for a kaleidoscope. Get your drawers stacked with an assortment of fabrics and patterns and be ready to play mix match while your at it. The traditional daddy argyle and paisley socks is long gone and makes us want to yawn. Step into a world where block coloured hues, candy stripes, polka dots and a variety of quirky patterns are high on style. A man who likes to play safe would take time to gain comfort in this area. But the ones who are bold, are sure enough to get it right, whether teamed with a classic suit at a black tie event or on the golf course with a pair of culottes or chinos.
A few rules to bear in mind in lieu with the trend. There is a fine line between matching your socks to your outfit and pairing a contrast. If you feel like a complementary colour will not pay heed to your look, play with shaded patterns that will match the outfit. To take things to the next level, take a step further by pairing your navy blue suit with a grey and white thin striped socks and tan shoes. Make sure that your socks are long enough to cover skin show. The contrary can be appalling. It is a simple way to simply liven up your ensemble, without making much effort.
Be confident in your sock choices and prepare to be envious.  Check out for some vibrant range of socks that will break the monotony of the day with its range of bright pop colour socks.
By: Fleur De Mello

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