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The Indian Bloggersphere went out guns blazing on twitter announcing a new revolution introduced in the fashion industry using the hashtag #LivaFluidFashion. We were invited to the event the same evening which was held at the newly opened JW Marriott hotel in Sahar, Andheri East, Mumbai. It was the press launch of Liva.

The first question that had come to my mind when initially invited was -What is Liva? So yes leaving the best for the last. Let us jump right into the action.

Renowned fashion designers James Ferreira, Puja Nayyar, Soham Dave, Narendra Kumar and Anita Dongre collaborated to put up a show titled ‘Panchtatva’ depicting the five integral elements of nature Air, Earth, Sky, Water and Fire through small capsule collections each interpreting one element of nature through their designs. All their ensembles were very flowy, fluid and feminine.

Designer Soham Dave's Collection Depicting Sky

Designer Soham Dave’s Collection Depicting Sky

Narendra Kumar's collection Depicting Water

Narendra Kumar’s Collection Depicting Water

Designers James, Soham and Nari’s collection didn’t quite impress us much. Although they did encapsulate a visual reference of the elements of nature represented through their design.

Puja Nayyar's collection Depicting Earth

Puja Nayyar’s collection Depicting Earth

We really loved and were surprised to see Puja Nayyar’s collection as we first time got acquainted with the designer at this show.

Anita Dongre collection depicting Fire

Anita Dongre’s collection Depicting Fire

Anita Dongre as usual never failed to disappoint and put up a spectacular collection.

Kangana Ranaut walks the ramp with other models donninf LIVA, the new age fluid fabric

Kangana Ranaut walks the ramp with other models donning LIVA, the new age fluid fabric

Finally arrived the moment where Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut strut the runway with poise and panache wearing a red voluminous gown. Being a stalwart since her modeling days, Kangana still carries herself with tremendous attitude and has been rightly selected to be the brand ambassador for Liva.

#KanganaRanaut walks the ramp with poise and panache for @livafashionin #LivaFluidFashion

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What is Liva?

Liva, a new-age naturally sourced fibre made into fabric in a pure or blended form, transforms not just the garment but also the person wearing it. (Source – Liva Facebook Page)

LIVA collection

How is it different from regularly available natural fibric?

Birla Cellulose a global conglomerate of Aditya Birla Group for over 60 years now and is a global leader in Viscose Staple Fibre Business. A group of Spinners, Fabricators and Processors who have developed the capability to offer good quality & innovative  products (yarns, greige & finished fabrics) made up of BC fibre/BC fibre blends comprise of the LIVA Accreditation Partner Forum (LAPF). The fabrics made by such partners/value chain would be termed promoted and marketed to Garment Manufacturers, retailers & Brands and consumers as ‘LIVA’.

By: Jeremy Cabral

If LIVA has you intrigued then please do get in touch with Media Moments (www.mediamoments.in) for further details!

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