Food review: Punjab Grill


With the variety of specialty restaurants, from pan-Asian to Mexican, sprouting up these days, it really makes us crave for some Indian ‘tadka’. Indian cuisine, in its flair for spices and aroma, leaves an indelible mark on our palate. And, one such restaurant that achieves the highest level of sensory and palate satisfaction is Punjab Grill. At its new outlet in Andheri, it has altered its signature decor style, while adding a host of specialty dishes, unique to this outlet.

Here is a peek of some of the must-haves!

Succulent Lamb Chops

The double cooking method makes the meat tender, soak in the masala and leave a juicy texture.


Paneer Tikka with a difference

The Paneer Tikka Multani uses native spices to present a burst of flavours.


Spring rolls, revamped

With a delicate coating with spring roll filling and cheese, this is a must-try if you like fried and crispy food.


Curry blast

The curries here are created to add a novelty (read: cheena as an ingredient) for one dish, while offering regulars with equal enthusiasm.


So, the next time you crave for some dal tadka and butter chicken, you know where to head to!

By: Esther Cabral

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