We’ve finally found out ‘What Women Want!’

‘What women want?’ Ah! The big conundrum every man faces at each stage in his life. Sitting there behind your sleek laptop at a café or sipping on whisky on the rocks at your favourite bar, wondering on how to approach ‘the’ girl. Aren’t you hoping for a Nick Marshall-type power (What Women Want, anyone!)?

Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall in the movie What Women Want

Stemming from this need, we, at FMW, did some research and got our hands on Philips India’s annual Stylescape Survey. Conducted by IPSOS, this survey gives interesting insights on Male Grooming preferences in India. So you exactly know what women want, but, most importantly, what they DON’T want!

We list a few, and high priority ones, below:

  • Excessive body hair is a big NO for the woman of today, with 65% women admitting that they prefer a well-groomed man, and a whopping 72% of the respondents clearly stating that they only like men with ‘well-groomed’ chest hair. Yes guys, women are not big fans of Anil Kapoor, especially in the hair department.
Anil Kapoor – The most hairy actor in bollywood
  • If it is any indication of the importance of body grooming, 65% women insist that it is one of the factors that impact their choice of a spouse/partner! The top areas of concern being hair in the armpits and intimate areas. With that hair even Tinder can’t help you.
  • When asked whether they would be comfortable if their partner has chest hair showing from his sexy V-neck tee, 32% women would refuse to step out of the house! Another 30% would, however, try to convince their partner to clean the hair off before stepping out. Ranveer Singh got Deepika, there is hope guys!
Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

Now, I’m reading your mind: Where do I get clean shaven? I don’t want salon appointments. Can I do this without anyone else involved!

Yes, you can with Philips Bodygroom series 1000, within the comfort of your home; actually shower too. These nifty, compact tools come with a bi-directional trimmer, and are waterproof. Operated on battery, you can carry them along anywhere and get clean shaven anytime.

Philips Bodygroom Series 1000

Come on, flaunt the hairless chest and well-groomed beard!

Bodygroom series 1000 is available in 3 variants with a price range starting from INR 1295 to INR 1495 and will be available across traditional and modern retail outlets as well as leading e-retail portals.

By: Jeremy Cabral