Getting The Tuxedo Look Right

The classic tux is to men what the LBD is to women. While most fashion gurus have spoken highly about the Little Black Dress, the tux remains shrouded in fashion myth. Today, we enlist a few myths of Tuxedos.

  1. Tuxedos are uncomfortable: We don’t live in the Victorian era anymore with stiff collars and starched material. Most designers today create tuxedos that are comfortable and suit the needs of the modern-day man.
  2. Tuxedos make me look like a waiter: A cheap, poorly fitting tuxedo will indeed make you look like hired help. Whereas, a well-tailored, smartly co-ordinated tuxedo will make you look like a gentleman.
  3. Black tie events don’t necessarily require a Tuxedo: If the host has specifically mentioned ‘Black Tie’ then the guest is expected to read between the lines! There’s a rule book published on the worldwide web which suggests why etiquette authorities suggest showing up in a tux for an event.

Talking of black tie events, we were recently invited to the launch of the classic range of Glenlivet’s 18-year-old single malt whiskey. When you’re one of the select few to get an invitation, then you know you’ve got to be in attendance looking class apart.


Team FMW with Glenlivet Global Ambassador Alex Robertson

They say ‘pictures speak a million words’, and here’s a sneak peek into my wardrobe for the event.


Tuxedo jacket:
The centerpiece of your attire will have all the attention and it goes without saying that every intricate detail of the jacket needs to be attended to. Some key elements to get right are:

  • Lapel: The most formal style of lapel is peaked, but a shawl collar is equally acceptable. In all cases, the left lapel should have a working buttonhole so that a boutonnière may be worn. Opt for an exquisite diamond studded brooch to add a dash of glamour to the jacket.
  • Buttons: With everything else being uniformed, the buttons too need to follow suit. Keep them plain black.

Trousers: Crisp and straight to match the sharpness of the tuxedo

Shirt: The shirt that accompanies the tuxedo should always be white. What sets this shirt apart are the following:


  • Cuffs: The French cuff is the standard for semi-formal evening shirts. These fasten with cufflinks. Add in a platinum cufflink, maybe made to your liking to add personality to the shirt.
  • Collar: Choose between a wing collar or turn down collar. Ensure you remain comfortable with what you opt for.

Platinum Ring: Platinum ring  blend well into the attire. Not too loud and just the right amount of glam, these platinum pieces ensured every handshake brought us attention.


Bracelet: Too much you say? Well, not for us. We opted for the minimalistic bracelet by Platinum. While opting for a bracelet under the shirt, always ensure it fits you well. After all, what’s the point if it looks forced?


Bow tie: While most black tie events call for a traditional black bow tie, we chose to add a little drama to our look, opting for a purple bow tie instead.


Shoes: Lace up! If there’s one thing that can put the outfit completely off, it will be the shoes. Always make a wise choice with this one.


Being debonair doesn’t come easy and of course a lot of effort goes into an appearance. Having said that, there are exceptions to every rule. So go ahead, experiment!

An FMW Production

Tuxedo: The Arvind Store | Platinum Jewelry: #PreciousPlatinum | Event Partner: Glenlivet | Venue Partner: Pepperfry Studio | Photography: Sushant Sawant

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