Superdry Goes Pop Up

Among a host of new elements that carnival goers will experience, lies a first. A Japanese and British masterpiece of a brand, Superdry will go the pop up way at the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival at Aamby Valley City. This of course would be the first initiative of a pop up store for the brand in India.

Superdry pop up store at Enchanted Valley Carnival

Globally, Superdry has a long standing association with music and has always believed in curating the freshest sounds from across the planet and making them accessible to customers through their stores and sound cloud playlists #SuperdrySounds.

Superdry Pop-up @EVC - Amby valley (2)

The BEVC will provide for carnival visitors and Superdry fans to make their purchases while at the festival. No more thinking of indulging after the music fest or worrying about what to pack. From t-shirts to hoodies, this pop up store will enable the buyers to access your most loved brand with full ease during the festival. The store will also showcase festival style clothing and accessories, to make sure you look your best and be super comfortable in Superdry clothing, while dancing the days & nights away!

Superdry Pop-up @EVC - Amby valley (3)

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Superdry has made its niche as a wardrobe staple. Known for its quirky design, the brand has gone the additional mile to create a one of its kind experience for its potential buyers through a uniquely designed pop up store, which will be accessible to festival goers on all three days – Dec 18th, 19th & 20th.  The store will display Superdry’s latest collection and also select pieces from its previous collection.

If the music, food, activities and a Superdry adventure store don’t get you excited enough then we are sure nothing will!

(Going to make it to the BEVC? Use #FMWatBEVC – #SDxBEVC #SuperdryPopUp @SuperdryIndia and we promise to catch up)

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