Drive Away your Morning Hunger Pangs

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and nothing but food can make it worth waking up early! With Café Mangii’s amazing breakfast, you morning is bound to go well!

1 Breakfast

Café Mangii introduces its hot new breakfast menu to drive away those morning hunger pangs with a spread so wide, you’d wonder what to eat! We couldn’t be more thrilled to try this exclusive menu.

2 Fresh Watermelon Juice

We began with the juice bar, Fresh Watermelon Juice which in our opinion wasn’t sweet enough. We hoped the food would make us feel better. Even though their service wasn’t the best (we never got the bacon we ordered with it), but we believe the Egg Benedict made up for it. Getting a classic dish right is always a challenge; however Cafe Mangii nailed it to perfection. We have now taken it upon ourselves to master a poached egg (a feat we believe needs magical skills).

3 Eggs Benedict

Next came the Fondant Leek and Asparagus, a terrible mistake! What was supposed to be a fluffy gram flour pancake was in reality a dense, undercooked, flavourless pancake. We scrapped of the creamed leeks and asparagus from top which were pretty good, yet it couldn’t redeem the dish.

4 Fondant Leek and Asparagus

Were it not for the Cinnamon Swirl Buttermilk Pancake topped with Blueberry Preserve, we would have concluded the morning wasted. They were fluffy clouds of joy! Our mouth waters just thinking about them.

5 Cinnamon Swirl Buttermilk Pancake topped with Blueberry Preserve

Café Mangii sure has its pros and cons, the ambience and decor being a definite plus. We would recommend giving their new breakfast menu a shot. Try out the Belgian Waffles and Nutella Sub for us. They also have Muesli, Baker’s Treat that brings you croissants, muffins and Danish served with cream cheese, Mangiis’s Egg Decker and French Toast.

Our ratings: Food – 3.5/5, Service – 3/5, Ambience – 4/5

Head over to Café Mangii to experience their breakfast menu and give your taste buds a treat early morning!

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Story by: Nazm Saigara

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