Our favourite restaurant Mamagoto goes Mexican!

It was a long day at work, and with the weekend approaching, I decided to treat myself to a hearty meal at Mamagoto. Tried and tested several times earlier, this Bandra outlet never fails to impress me. I enter, and was welcomed with a special ‘soft shell tacos’ menu. Intrigued by a pan-Asian restaurant offering this Mexican favourite, we felt experimental and stepped into the unknown.

Brief and unpretentious, we had to choose from 3 vegetarian and 5 non vegetarian options. Here’s a low down on what we sampled.

Mushroomy tacos

Mushroomy tacos.jpg

Mushroomy Tacos

Mixed mushroom, blue cheese, truffe oil, finely chopped green chilli, kimchi, pickled cucumber

Prawny tacos

Ducky Tacos


Prawny Tacos

Panko encrusted fried prawn, chilli mayo, homemade pickles, Japanese BBQ sauce, spring onion

Ducky tacos

Prawny tacos

Crispy duck with plum sauce, cucumber and spring onion.

You can also try from the Smoky Chicken, Porky and Craby tacos.

The Cure.jpg

Now what is delicious food without some refreshing drinks? With these tacos come a special cocktails menu. If you’ve liked our suggestions this far, then we highly recommend The Cure. Priced at Rs. 399, it is a concoction of dark and white rum, shaken with pineapple juice and lime, topped with soda. In the mocktails, the watermelon and peach cooler is an undoubted winner for Indian summers.

Next time you feel like driving away those mid-week blues, then Mamagoto is a safe bet. Now, making life much easier is the loyalty card and exciting offers offered by QuickPerks. Read more about it HERE

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Story by: Esther Cabral | Photography by: Sushant Sawant

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