Experimenting with molecular gastronomy at Quattro

There had to be something to drive a carnivore like me to a vegetarian restaurant. If you know me well enough or read my reviews, then you will know that while I enjoy a vegetarian fare, I need some meat and fish to balance it off. In this context, a vegetarian restaurant wouldn’t exactly be on my radar. But the main reason to head to Quattro was the amazing reviews I have been hearing about and, of course, an equally crazy deal I got on it because of my QuickPerks card.

Molecular gastronomy. Well, that’s what we experimented with at Quattro. For the uninitiated, molecular gastronomy is a sub-discipline of food science that seeks to investigate the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking. In simple words, it refers to preparing food in versions different from its original form. Sample this: Liquid olive–black and green, whichever suits your palette. Or then salad in a spoon. Or a drink served as a science experiment? Or making your soup at your table. These were some of the delightful offerings we were treated to. Have a look:

Minestrone Tea Set

Minestrone Tea Set: A deconstructed version of the classic Italian minestrone soup, flavoured with green tea

Aerated Mushroom & Leeks

Aerated Mushroom & Leeks: A combination of leeks, porcini and shitake served in an aerated form topped with croutons

Appetisers included Orange, Apple Pear Walnut Insalata, bruschetta

Desserts Tiramisu and Fried Ice Cream

Desserts Tiramisu and Fried Ice Cream

Newer versions of comfort food is something that shocked our taste buds. We will surely go for round 2, what about you?

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Story and Pictures by: Esther Cabral