How does Ranveer Singh manage to look sada sexy?

Choosing the right hairstyle can always be a challenge. As fashion bloggers we constantly try to reinvent ourselves and try different hairstyles to constantly bring in variation and versatility in our look. Men’s grooming brand ‘Set Wet’ recently collaborated with Bollywood’s most celebrated men’s hairstylist Aalim Hakim to introduce three signature styles. These looks are easy hairstyles that can be achieved in less than thirty seconds.

Conceptualized by Aalim on Ranveer Singh, brand ambassador of Set Wet, the styles are designed to become part of every guy’s fashion bible. With the Wanderer look for casual, the Spunkster look for party, and the Aviator look for formal, the Set Wet Signature Styles give, easy, quick ways for guys to nail their look for any moment in their lives.

We at FMW decided to decode our favourite two out of the three looks by adding a personal touch to each look. As we always urge our readers to not blindly follow trends but adapt trends in a way that suits your personal preference. One thing to note before trying these hairstyles is that you need to understand your hair texture and hair type. Use the right gel to give you the desired outcome.

The Aviator Look: This is more of a classic and formal look. You can sport this hairstyle while you make pitch presentation or going for a job interview, or perhaps get noticed across the ballroom of a wedding or dinner party.

  • Make sure you are happy with the basic look before applying the gel as it becomes harder to change the shape once that is done.
  • Take a one rupee coin sized amount of Set Wet ‘Casual Hold’ and mix it with Set Wet ‘Vertical Hold’ hair styling gel on your palm.
  • It will add some serious panache for your formal look, as it gives you a glossy finish along with a great hold that will stay in place as long as you need to.
Set Wet Signature Style.jpg

Set Wet Styling Gel

  • Rub the gel on your fingers, and then apply by running your fingers through your hair.

Set Wet Signature Style Aviator Look.jpg

  • Next, focus on the top of your hair. Run your comb through the top of your hair in the direction of the partition to add some texture and movement. But if you want a flatter, sleeker look on the top, run a small paddle brush through your hair.

Set Wet Signature Style Aviator Look 1.jpg

  • Finally, work on the sides. Use the brush here to keep them clean and flat like Ranveer.

Set Wet Signature Style 1.jpg

  • But if you want to add a bit of texture on the sides, you can stick to your fingers again.

7Z1A4678 copy.JPG
And voila! Your hair is all set in its Seriously Swag avatar!

The Wanderer Look: Heading for a regular day at college, or going for a movie date, or meeting your buds for a game for FIFA? All you need is a casual look that does all the work for you while you play it cool. So if you want to sit back, kick up your feet, and still look like you got it together, the Set Wet Breezy Cool Style is for you.

  • Make sure your hair is towel-dried before you start.
  • Take a one rupee coin sized amount of Set Wet ‘Casual Hold’ Hairstyling Gel on your palm. It lets you get creative for your casual look, keeping your hair in place while allowing it the right amount of natural movement.
  • Rub the gel on your fingers, and then apply by running your fingers through your hair.


  • Now get all your hair from the back to the front, and adjust your strands to look how you want. Add as much texture as you want.


  • You can spike it upwards to the side of your natural fall, or add more texture on the sides by pushing some strands in uneven directions to get a more laidback look.


  • Next, finish up the back. Ranveer’s back hair is left standing as well to give a completely out-of-bed look, but you can keep it tight if you like.


And voila! Your hair is all set in its Breezy Cool avatar!

Guys, time to upgrade your style! Give us your version of any 1 of the #SetWetSignatureStyles & win a hamper & Flipkart gift voucher worth Rs. 1000! Send me your pics with your complete look on twitter taggig @FMWdotcom! Make sure you use #SetWetSignatureStyles and #SadaSexyRaho, and follow Set Wet for your entries to be valid!

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral | Photography: Sushant Sawant

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