Who doesn’t like a well-groomed man? Be it a neatly trimmed beard or messy hair do, grooming your personal style is essential. But with my hectic schedule and travel plans as a fashion blogger, daily grooming can be cumbersome. Since we don’t have the luxury to have a personal stylist everywhere you go, I carry my handy electric trimmer by Lifelong.

Lifelong Trimmer.jpg

The super sleek design of the Lifelong trimmer fits well into your hands for the perfect grip to give you the style you want. It is compact and easy-to-use, making it convenient to carry when travelling. Additionally, it also comes with four levels of length changeable combs to maintain your beard from 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm and 12mm.

Lifelong Trimmer and Groomer.jpg

This is one of the best trimmers I have ever used. The powerful battery, sharp blades for a close shave, and four size setting makes it ideal for a quick trim. It you don’t believe me, then just have a look at these pictures:

Lifelong Body Trimmer.jpgSo, if you’re on a lookout for the Perfect, Efficient & Affordable beard trimmer, then boy you’re in luck. After much research, I have found my travel mate in form of Lifelong’s beard trimmer! What about you?


– Stainless steel blades with skin-friendly rounded tips to ensures high precision without the irritation

– Two combs for four length setting 

– Changeable trimming attachments, hair comb, oil

– Eight hours charging time

– Removable head for easy washing

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral | Photography: Sushant Sawant

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