The Ethnic Way… with Shilpa Reddy

For years now India’s rich culture has dominated the runway the world over. Designers have strut their designs and models have showcased everything that the fashion world could offer. There’s not a chance that you could go wrong with Indian wear. The challenge however lies in experimenting and creating new trends.

Shilpa Reddy is a name synonymous with ‘trend setting’. Known for her intricate embroidery work, Shilpa Reddy’s line is all about silhouettes and structure. We were lucky to have chanced upon some of her master pieces and decided to play muse to the designer to show you what you can try this festive season.


The classic white kurta is a wardbrobe staple and is a perfect fit, no matter what the occasion. Crafted in delicate gold detailing against the subtleness of the color, adds the dash of glamour to the otherwise pristine attire.


If you’re the kind who loves to stand out, this forest green jacket is made just for you. The utilitarian nature of the jacket with metallic button detail is the perfect example of modernity and ethnicity done well.


When it comes to creating a head turning piece, there’s no one better than Shilpa Reddy to learn from. The ornate detailing and the richness of the color is a match made in heaven.

It’s not everyday that you come across someone who strives to add a new dimension to a simple design. So if you’re in the hunt for a garb that acts as a mirror to your personality like no other, you now know who to look for!

A FMW Production

Photography: Sushant Sawant | Story by: Giselle Mendes

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